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Faith Bible Church Sacramento

Join us for Worship | Sundays @ 11:00 am


Faith Bible Church Sacramento

2019 Sunday Morning Sermons



All Hail the Power of Jesus Name:  Matthew 9:18-26




Guest Pastor John Kane - Jesus the Unknown:  John 1:10



Put Off the Old and Put On the New:  Matthew 9:14-17



Guest John Kane - The LORD our Keeper:  Psalms 121



The Friend of Sinners:  Matthew 9:9-13



The True Healing:  Matthew 9:1-8



Christ Delivers Men from the Power of Darkness:  Matthew 8:28-34



Lord of the Wind and the Waves:  Mattthew 8:23-27



The Priority of Following Jesus Christ:  Matthew 8:18-22







The Omnipotent Savior - Part 2:  Matthew 8:5-18



The Omnipotent Savior:  Matthew 8:1-4



The Two Houses:  Matthew 7:24-29



Profession Without Possession:  Matthew 7:21-23



The Need for Spiritual Discernment:  Matthew 7:15-20



Guest Pastor John Kane

On Knowing the Will of God - Part 2 - Romans 12:1-2




Guest Pastor John Kane

On Knowing the Will of God - Part 1 - Romans 12:1-2



The Blessing of Persistent Prayer:  Matthew 7:7-12



A Call to Holy Discernment:  Matthew 7:1-6



Don't Worry About Tomorrow;  Live for God Today:

Matthew 6:24-34



Laying up Heavenly Treasures:  Matthew 6:19-23



The Fasting of a Kingdom Citizen:  Matthew 6:16-18



The Lord's Pattern for Prayer:  Matthew 6:5-15



The Heart of Giving:  Matthew 6:1-4



The Kindgom Citizen Does Not Seek Retalatiation:  Matthew 5:38-42



The Kingdom Citizen Keeps His Promises:  Matthew 5:33-37



The Kingdom Citizen Seeks Purity of Life:  Matthew 5:27-32



The Bad Fruit of Anger:  Matthew 5:21-27



Christ and the Law:  Matthew 5:17-20



Let Your Light Shine:  Matthew 5:13-16



Christ the Firstfruits:  I Corinthians 15:20-23



The King Has Come:  John 12: 12-19



The Beatitudes:  Matthew 5:1-12



The Good Shepherd:  Matthew 4:23-25



Called to Follow Christ:  Matthew 4:18-22



The Light Has Come:  Matthew 4:12-17



The Temptation of Jesus Christ:  Matthew 4:1-11



The Baptism of Jesus Christ: Matthew 3:13-17



We Need More True Gospel Preachers: Matthew 3:1-12



All the Way My Savior Leads Me: Matthew 2:19-20



The Providence of God in Christ's Suffering: Matthew 2:13-18



Worship the King: Matthew 2:1-12



The Birth of the King:  Matthew 1:18-25



The Genealogy of Jesus Christ:  Matthew 1:1-17 



The Commission 0f the Church: Matthew 28:18-20



Guest Pastor John Kane

A Church That Honors the Lord: Revelation 3:7-8



The Light of Christmas: Part 2 - John 1:6-14



The Light of Christmas: Part 1 - John 1:1-5


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